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Health care worker and elderly woman in wheelchair needs helpCare agencies in London offer respite care in a variety of ways.

You can opt for in­home respite care. A professional care giver may visit your home and take care of your patient so that you can take a break and relax for a few hours. Alternatively, if the patient is able to go out, the carer may take her for a day out so you can have some time on your own – to rest or to take care of other errands.

You can also opt for centre ­based respite (such as at . There are day centres or clubs which provide highly­personalized and structured activities for people who need care. Respite centres usually provide care from 10am to 3pm. Some even offer transport service – fetching your patient from your home and bringing her back at the end of the day.

Some care agencies in London provide care extending to over a few hours. They may offer to take your patient in for an entire night or even for a week­end. Professional health care may be provided in a respite cottage setting or in the home of an accredited host-family.

Health Care IIOn occasions where you need to have an extended break from your role as a care giver, you can opt for residential respite care. You may need to attend a function ­­ birthday or wedding or significant anniversary ­­ in another place and be away for a few days. Or you may not be feeling well and need to nurse yourself back to health. Or you may want to go on a vacation. In instances like these, you can check your patient in for respite care in a to a residential respite care home.

Community access respite is another form of respite care which gives your patient the opportunity to socialize with other patients. This setting encourages your patient to become more independent and outgoing while you take a break for the day.